Hoe improv medewerkers meer zelfvertrouwen geeft


Improv dat is toch iets voor in het theater? Dat klopt. Improvisatietheater is een vorm van theater waarbij de spelers het verhaal, de personages en de dialogen ter plekke verzinnen. Maar wist je dat improv ook steeds vaker wordt gebruikt in het bedrijfsleven? Het kan namelijk helpen om je zelfvertrouwen te vergroten. Tijdens een improv-sessie leer je om spontaan te reageren door je innerlijke criticus los te laten en creatiever te zijn. Je leert gewoon te doen zonder overmatig nadenken. Hieronder vertelt onze improv-trainer Trista hoe improv haar zelfvertrouwen heeft vergroot.


The first time I took an improv workshop, I remember grabbing the wall with my back and hearing and feeling my heartbeat in my throat. I was terrified by the sound of my voice and was sure the words that came out of my face were all wrong. That was more than 15 years ago. 

When I met improv, I also got to meet one of improv’s sidekicks: confidence. Full disclosure; today, in my everyday, personal life, I’m still a shy person at my core. I’m also a recovering people pleaser.

BUT, on stage, in a class of new students, facilitating a corporate training, in a crowd of strangers at a new venue, I am confident. Improv introduced me to confidence and the duo have shown me new ways to be comfortable in my skin. 

It’s very easy to fade into the background when you’re shy and don’t dare speak up. In improv, even the quiet ones get heard. Every improv exercise/game/scene requires the input of all the improvisers playing, whether shy or confident. Improv is not a one-man show.

When I improvised, the words I said were being accepted and supported, not laughed at and ridiculed like my shy self believed. It was like I poofed into existence when I went to improv class; I was seen and heard. In a very short time, I got comfortable letting my voice out into the wild. Ok, I could still hear my heartbeat in my throat but at least my voice was competing now.

Improv is the art of making stuff up. For the audience to believe the characters and worlds I create on stage, I’ve got to speak and move with confidence. If I improvise in a quiet voice, with hesitation, looking at the floor, the audience will sense my lack of confidence and rightfully discredit what I say and do. The audience can’t fully buy into the improvisation if they can’t believe me. Speaking and moving with confidence lends truth to the stuff I make up.  

Improv has given me the confidence to plan less, to divorce myself from the ‘perfect’ outcome. I forgot to admit, I’m also a level 6 control freak. BUUUT, not when I improvise! I let go of the plans in my head, the inner critic questioning my choices and I focus in and listen to my fellow improvisers. We trust in each other that we’ll get to the funny together, without a script, with loads of fun and lots of laughter. 

I’ve never stopped improvising. And I don’t plan to anytime soon. I’m confident about that.

Trista Mrema.

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